Welcome to Black Panther School of Japanese Karate!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break in this uncertain time.
Due to the Covid19 and all of us being in Tier 5 we are not allowed back into the
halls at present and are hoping for a quick return to tier 3. 
So we have returned to zoom. Here are the zoom days and times.

Black Panther School of Japanese Karate from 3 - 7 yrs & 8 Years -Adult, Enfield from age 5

Hall Lessons - Returning on: Tuesday 28th July 4.30-5.30pm - Potters Bar, Elm Court - All ages Fr

Zoom times: 
Monday 4.15-4.50pm up to 6 years
Monday 5-6pm 7 years plus
Tuesday 4.15-4.50pm up to 6 years
Tuesday 5-6pm 7 years plus
Wednesday 5-6.30pm Advanced class
Friday 4.15-4.50pm up to 6 years
Friday 5-6pm 7 years plus
Saturday 10.30-11.10am up to 6 years
Saturday 7 years plus 11.20am-12.20pm
Sunday Mixed 11am-12pm

 Do you know someone who would benefit from joining our karate trial, which can help with depression, fear and worries. Karate can help you build confidence, learn how to defend yourself and make great friends...were here to help.