Welcome to Black Panther School of Japanese Karate!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break in this uncertain time.
Due to the Covid19 and all of us being in Tier 5 we are not allowed back into the
halls at present and are hoping for a quick return to tier 3. 
So we have returned to zoom. Here are the zoom days and times.

Black Panther School of Japanese Karate from 3 - 7 yrs & 8 Years -Adult, Enfield from age 5

Hall Lessons - Returning on: Tuesday 28th July 4.30-5.30pm - Potters Bar, Elm Court - All ages Fr

All about us

Christine Alleyn Sensei "how it all began"! 

Shihan Christine 6th Dan


  • Shihan Christine started training in Karate at the age of 9 with her parents Shihan David (who has now retired due to Ill health)and Lilian Sensei (Sadly no longer with us) and brother Brian Sensei (who lives abroad). The club has been running since 1978 and Shihan Christine now runs both SJK and BPK 
  • Chris Sensei is also experienced in Nunchaku, Jujitsu & self -defence which she studied for a period of time . Shihan Chris opened a very successful Karate club in the 90's and specialised in teaching children age from just THREE  AND A HALF YEARS PLUS.
  • Shihan Chris also has a wide range of 2nd Kyu,1st Kyu and 1st Dan students helping within the club as assisting teachers, who attend teaching courses every year and are very competent in teaching children and adults of all ages.
Shihan Chris says, "I do insist that all my students work hard in class especially higher grades and older students that would like to try for their Black Belts", "Discipline and self worth are the key to making a great student and successful individual ". 

  • Full DBS checked including Barring, vulnerable children & adults.
  • Fully Insured both as an Instructor and club
  • Family run
  • First aiders 
  • Certified for "Aiming high for disabled children course" including young people with Autism spectrum disorders
Sensei Debbie 2nd Dan 
Has been the main Instructor for the club for many years now having learnt all my skills from her mum, Sensei Christine. She teach most classes so you will see her face everywhere! 
She also do a lot of the paperwork side of things and you can typically catch her in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
She has a clean enhanced DBS, is Insured and has skills with children of all ages, adults and those with disabilities.

Sensei Zina 2nd Dan

Zina first started with our sister club SJK back in the 1990's and has been loyally training and teaching for many years, she still runs the Enfield classes at the weekend and will sometimes take over our other classes if needed. 

Zina has a DBS check and is fully insured.

Sensei Nick 1st Dan 
Sensei Nick has been teaching for us for a couple of years and is a vital part of the teaching team. He trained with SJK for a few years and has achieved his black belt with us too. He is DBS checked and is an insured instructor, he derives great satisfaction from, and is dedicated to helping both adults and children reach their full potential.

Sensei Melissa 1st Dan

Sensei Mel comes in to help teach every now and again and is Sensei Chris's other daughter, she also has a DBS check, fully insured and is brilliant with the younger children. 

Sempai Dave

Dave is a volunteer and helps teach when he can. He has a history in Jujitsu and military unarmed combat, where he reached Black belt many years ago and bring in those extra skills sometimes to help us expand our skills in the club.  He also has a clean DBS check too and is working towards his Black belt in Karate. 


We treat everyone with the same respect that we expect to receive in return.

Everybody is welcome to join us, young, old, disabled, any race and any sex!

One of the main rules is to never use Karate on anyone outside of the class unless you are being attacked first - Karate is for Self Defence only!

The style of Karate we teach is Shotokan Karate and we start from as young as 3 years old and take anyone of any age - even families!

If your child is not quite 3 yet and you wish to save them a place for when they do turn 3, please fill out our online application form and we will reply with a possible start date and our bank details so you can pay for their 3 week trial in Advance to save their places for when they do become 3 or 3 and a half.

Black Panther Classes Information

Although we specialise in young children, our club is for anyone who wants to learn self defence and add some confidence to themselves!

  • We offer a 3 or 4 week trial as this is the right amount of time for anyone to make up their mind about joining an activity and have 4 special offer Joining packages with everything you need for Karate to save you having to search for it all yourself, then you pay monthly, quarterly or every 6 months for lessons or even yearly! NO HIDDEN FEES!
  • We take minimum holiday breaks to ensure each students has the maximum amount of lessons to be able to Grade every 6 months in March and September.
  • We offer long term payment options including 1, 2 or 4 Free lessons and also a Free lesson reward scheme for students who do not miss any lessons between Gradings.
  • We take children on from the age of 3.5 years and Adults too! We have found that Adults and young children training together is quite difficult for the Adults so we split our classes into 2 age groups. We do let children over the age of 8 train with their parents in our second classes.
  • We take Private lessons which last half an hour and the price depends on which level teacher you have taking the private lesson. 
  • We send our students a personalised E-card for their birthday and Christmas with a little report!

Most of our classes are separated into 2 classes for the correct age groups

  • Our 1st class is for 3 - 7 Year olds and lasts for 45 minutes as this is the correct amount of time a child can fully concentrate without becoming too tired and grouchy. To make our classes a bit more fun for the younger children we incorporate a fun game to play at the end of class. We ensure children receive strict discipline in class too!
  • Our 2nd class is for 8 year olds to Adults and lasts for an hour. This class being for older children and adults is more focused than the younger class and we do not play any games, but physical circuit training which can be fun!

  • We do ask Parents to leave once their child is in the class as we have found that the children can concentrate better without being able to run off to Mummy or Daddy! This also gives you parents some much needed time to do whatever you need to do! There is always a waiting area or a glass window to watch the class through so do not worry!
  • You may find that although your child has been begging for Karate classes that when they reach the hall, they get a bit scared and refuse to leave your side, the best way to deal with this is to let us take your child into the class and you leave them to us, they will calm down eventually - we promise!
  •  We make sure we chose classes around high streets or villages so you parents can take time to socialise or grab a coffee!

    We give you a little letter telling you what your child will be doing in the class and if we can take some pics to show you afterwards! Don't worry all children are treated with the utmost care!! This being said we do allow a 5 minute settling in period if your child needs it.

Most of our halls have a glass section in the door you can look through - but try not to let your child see you!

  • Parents do not worry your children are in safe and experienced hands and there is always a waiting area you can sit and socialise with other parents in next to the hall and we will have your number if anything goes wrong - but nothing ever has! 
  • We do ask that you try to follow the rules of the Shotokan Karate way and make sure that children take their shoes off before entering the Dojo ( Hall ) and that they bow to all Black Belt Sensei's (Teachers) and if they are late into class that they kneel down at the entrance of the Dojo and wait to be invited in.

  • We as a club are fully DBS/CRB checked and all our teachers are taught and brought up by us in the club, they started at white belt new beginners many years ago and progress through their belts and go through teaching courses with us to ensure they are teaching correctly and your children get taught correctly too!
  • Over the years we've had many people ask us if we will take children with disabilities and we say as long as they can listen and be able to perform each move we ask them to do, anyone is welcome! We have had children with Aspergers, ASD, ADHD and other medical problems who are and have been very successful within the club!
  •  Apart from us taking younger children there is something else that sets us apart from any other regular Karate club. As everyone is different and no 2 people are the same we like to treat everyone as an individual and never treat our students like cattle.

We pay special attention to each individual person and help them achieve their belts...especially students going for Black Belt...we never just push them through we let them take their time to build on their work and confidence until they and we feel ready for them to become a Black Belt.